Improv for All – Creative Dramatics for Adults

As kids, we played with friends in our imaginative worlds where we were free to invest ourselves fully in the spirit of play. So, why should kids have all the fun??

This three-part series is a great opportunity to play with folks in a positive, safe and supportive atmosphere. No prior acting experience is necessary. Anne Louise will lead the group through a variety of theater activities that encourage trust, communication, active listening, and collaboration with scene partners. Interactive games help you to loosen up and become more spontaneous and flexible, quieting that inner-critic that inhibits creativity. 

Anne Louise has taught theater improv in workshops, adult arts camps, schools and performing arts retreats. She was a member of the hit improv troupe, the Villa Jidiots, and also worked with Sleeveless Theater. 

This workshop is limited to 16 participants. Fee: $45 for the series.
If the idea of this workshop excites you, get in touch via my Contact form.