Circle Sing Vocal Harmony workshops

with Anne Louise White

The Circle Sing workshop is designed for anyone who enjoys singing and wants to explore the playful side of vocalizing with a group. The four-week series provides a “sonic playground” for exploring the rich variety of rhythms and harmonies we can create together, in the spirit of fun and spontaneity.

Improvisation can be intimidating for singers who are new to it. Some of us are more comfortable learning music that is written out or taught to us. However, the fabulous thing about Circle Sing is that it uses short, repeating phrases as the basic “building blocks” of improvisation, giving folks just enough structure to help them know how to begin, but just enough leeway to allow them to open up and be creative.

In Circle Sing melodies, rhythms, and textures pass from singer to singer, continually morphing. It is tremendously fun!

The next Workshop series is yet to be scheduled.

I’m interested in your Circle Sing workshops.